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Lead Generation

The ability to find and capture qualified leads for your brand is becoming more and more challenging. In the past franchisors used trade shows, seminars, portals, PPC, and these options just don’t work in today’s world. It’s the same old leads that have been passed around over and over. Our proprietary “Black Box” technology will vet out the very best qualified leads that are truly interested in just your brand. We also utilize resources that will get you the most interested, qualified, and creditable candidates available. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you generate the leads you need for you and your team be successful and grow your brand.

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Do you know how much it costs to run your franchise development department? Payroll alone can be hundreds of thousands of dollars after insurance, benefits, and taxes are paid. Then you have marketing and paying for leads.  Why not outsource the work? Have our experienced consultants generate leads, qualify candidates, disclose, answer questions, schedule Discovery Days, and get agreements signed for a fraction of what you are currently spending. Contact us today to learn more about outsourcing to MatchU.

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Are you an emerging brand and new to franchising and would like ideas on how to bring your concept to market?  What you are doing right now just isn’t working? Not generating enough leads? Leads are there but of poor quality? Can’t even get them on the phone? Not closing enough deals? You’re behind budget and the pipeline is dry? Website outdated and needs a makeover? MatchU Franchise consultants can help. We have years of successful franchise development with start-ups to well-established international brands. We will do a current assessment of your processes and procedures and recommend changes to get you back on track. Contact us today and learn how we help.

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Every concept has franchisees that would like to exit the system. Franchisors are focused on awarding new franchises and growing the unit count, so these franchisees tend to get pushed to the side. Would it not be great opportunity to offer a resale program to your existing franchisees? Your development team can concentrate on new deals and leave the resales to us. A strong resales program will prevent units from closing. MatchU consultants have experience marketing and awarding profitable and under performing franchises. Contact us today to learn more about our Franchise Resales program.

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Web Design & Development

Visit NowSoft Today!

Web Design, SEO  and Internet Marketing are constantly changing, but a good first impression is ALWAYS the most important! At NowSoft, we specialize in capturing what makes your customers love doing business with you and then masterfully turn that essence into a gorgeous branded website for your company.  After designing your website, we then make sure your potential customers find that gorgeous website and see everything your business has to offer through SEO and Internet Marketing.  Simple, right?  Not really, with today's complex web design technologies, making sure your website is responsive and shows up across multiple devices, getting your site found in both Google and BING searches and marketing your site across many social media sites, it is quite daunting! You don't have to worry about any of that though, because at NowSoft, we take care of it all.  Let's start building a great relationship together! We are a very respected & experienced 3rd party vendor aligned to partner with MatchU Franchising. We can build or re-design new or existing sites. We offer an experienced SEO and Marketing department as well. Please visit NowSoft today and let us help you with your projects.

Franchise Assistance Program

Franchisee Assistance Program (F.A.P.)

How do you handle your locations not performing to par? Are your bottom third franchisees struggling and in jeopardy of closing?  Do you have poor validation?  MatchU Franchise Consultants has experienced operations experts that can go in, troubleshoot the opportunities, write a strategic plan, work with your franchise on staffing, operations, financial review, marketing, re-training, real estate work outs, and get the location turned around and trending positive. By initiating our Franchisee Assistance Program, you will be supporting your franchisees, insuring good validation, not put your item 19 at risk, and decrease location closures.